Common Questions &

What is NicheIQ?

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NicheIQ is a specialized suite of SEO tools that assists your website and pages to perform better and smarter in search engines and for your visitors, while also providing the means for growing your content strategy without having to perform cumbersome tasks such as keyword research, competitor analysis and other topic investigative work. 

NicheIQ currently offers the following tools:
- Topic Suggestions: discover content ideas that are relevant to your audience and adds value to your site
- Tag Tester: on-page SEO tool to test title and description variants that generate the most traffic & revenue
- Broken Links: site health tool to detect web pages that are broken and throw an error
- Page Booster: know exactly which pages are trending down & discover keywords that can help recover lost traffic

How will I benefit from using NicheIQ?

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NicheIQ is a packaged solution that offers valuable SEO tools you need to help your site stay healthy, drive people to your content, and feel empowered knowing new content topics are worth your time. 

Each NicheIQ tool has functionality that helps your performance, authority, and results. 

- Tag Tester helps identify the best performing title which is a primary piece of information people use to decide which search result to click on.

- Topic Suggestions helps curate fresh content ideas to write about to build quality, original content that is based on automated analysis and research that results in both increasing organic traffic and having higher search ranking.

- Broken Links ensures you have web pages and content that are discoverable and take visitors to the content they were seeking.

- Page Booster identifies pages that are losing momentum (i.e. search traffic) and discovers keywords to enhance the article so it regains the lost traffic and position in search results.

By using NicheIQ, it’ll feel like you’ve got an SEO wizard there helping you fulfill strategy goals, drive traffic, and ultimately give your visitors a top-notch experience.

How do I get access to NicheIQ?

Currently, NicheIQ is only available with an Ezoic account. If you have an Ezoic account, login to your dashboard and click “NicheIQ” from the top navigation bar. You will then see a menu on the left side to navigate to each feature to enable and start using.

How do I set up Google Search Console to use NicheIQ to its fullest potential?

NicheIQ’s Topic Suggestions will work best when you have authorized your Google Search Console so that we have the best information available to optimize the suggested topics specifically for your domain. 

From the settings menu, there will be a prompt to authorize Google Search Console. If you have already done this, you will see a confirmation that authorization is complete.

What is NicheIQ’s Topic Suggestions?

Topic Suggestions performs automated research to identify publication topics that add value and relevance specific to your domain. The suggested topics are content that will provide consistent value, not what is viral or emerging which usually has short-lived significance. The suggestions take into account variable metrics to calculate what topics are worth the effort and are evergreen in being content readers want at any given time.

Note: this is currently only available for U.S. region (English language) websites due to dataset and language processing, but we are working on expanding this feature internationally.

What is NicheIQ’s Broken Links?

Broken Links automatically detects website and page errors in the last 7 days giving you the ability to hone-in on resolving active & current issues that impact your traffic and revenue.

By having data about deadends that throw error pages on your site, you have the ability to correct those pages so that visitors no longer receive an error and can be taken to the content they were seeking, improving the user experience. Being able to track what type of error and how often an issue occurs gives you the leverage to make corrections and move on.

What is NicheIQ’s Tag Tester?

Tag Tester allows you to A/B test different combinations of title tag and description tag on your site. By testing, you’ll see which variation outperforms the other so that you can publish your content with a title and description that drives traffic, improves CTR and decreases bounce rate. This tool makes it as easy as possible to determine the best SEO-friendly tags to use for your site.

What is NicheIQ’s Page Booster?

Tracking pages and detecting those that are starting to perform worse can be time-consuming. Page Booster will track all pages from your website and determine if they are trending up, stable, or trending down. For pages trending down, Page Booster provides a list of keywords that are losing search traffic and should be worked on in order to regain lost traffic.